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Hiking To The Top Of The World

Want to experience a hike of a lifetime? Join property princess Soo Yi Xin as she explores Japan’s mountainous peaks with the housing fratenity colleague

At the mention of Japan, the words “sushi”, “onsen”, “ra-men” and “sakura” often im-mediately springs to mind. Whilst Japan is well-known around the world for its food, culture, heritage, and ultra-polite people, it is also an amaz-ingly scenic country with beautiful land-scapes. In fact, about 73% of Japan is mountainous with hiking being a pop-ular sport amongst the Japanese people.

The most famous mountain in Japan is none other than Mount Fuji – Japan’s iconic mountain which is also the highest mountain in Japan. While most of my Japan trips witnessess me binging non-stop on food, in August 2018, my friends and I decided to embark on a challenge – to scale the sacred Mount Fuji, standing tall at a majestic 3,776 metres above sea level.And, not only that but we decided that we would also take on the challenge of scaling the second tallest mountain in Japan – Mount Kita (towering at a height of 3,193 metres) as part of our You Only Live Once (YOLO) trip. That’s right, you only live once – so you should try being at the highest point in Japan at least once!

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