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Living It Up At Lakes Entrance

Fishing for crabs was one of the memorable highlights of this family trip.

Several years ago, we went on a most unforgettable family holiday in Lakes Entrance, which is a mere four hours drive from Melbourne.

As soon as our plane landed, we rented an 11-seater black van and drove all the way to Lakes Entrance which is situated over four hours from Melbourne.

We were bound to stay two nights in a cost place named as McMillans of Metung Resort where we look out into the lovely night sky through the building’s windows.

One of our topmost agenda was to go fishing/crabbing on a boat that we had rented. The owners gave us the keys and told us where the best crabbing spot was. On the way to the fishing spot, we even manage to spot a school of translucent tiny white jellyfish floating in the water. It was very fun to be sailing on a boat in the middle of the lake. The speed of the boat made the weather feel cool and breezy.

To catch the crabs, we tied some raw chicken breast meat into the middle of the crabbing net which we released into the clear waters. It was a thrilling experience to note that every 10 minutes or so, a couple of crabs would bite the bait and fall into the net. In all, we caught about 30 crabs that day. Among the spoils was a baby crab that we immediately released back into the lake.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch any fish. This made up one of the most memorable parts of the trip so too having the freshly caught crabs for dinner cooked over the kitchen counter.

Another thing we did there was to stroll on the docks and observe translucent white jellyfish swimming in the dark. They were peaceful to watch under the moonlight of the starry night sky.

We also tried to do some night fishing but because it got cold, we had to ditch our plans and head on back to the resort.

Right before we left Melbourne, we made a nice trip to the beach and played on the lovely yellow Sandy beach under the sunny and beautiful weather.

The trip to Melbourne was very enjoyable and everyone was happy and content. We dream again of a time when we can return to catch more crab again..


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