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The Love Island – Santorini, Greece

Truly, madly, deeply. Falling in love with Santorini was beyond Peggy Chong’s and her husband’s expectation in every sense of the word as they threw caution to the wind and drove around the love island on their getaway to a paradiscal adventure to remember.

“It was truly love at first sight for me, having visited the Greek island of Santorini for the first time ever years ago. I’m awaiting the chance to visit this lovely island again and I’m sure I will fall in love with it over and over again,” shares Peggy Chong, President of World Gourmet Awards recalling her holiday to this paradiscical island in the sun fringing the glistening Aegean Sea.

Santorini, being known as a dream destination worldwide with its famous reputation of possessing dreamy white and blue architectural buildings and stunning, sensational sunsets is an unparalleled destination. Blessed with volcanic sand beaches, no wonder this sun-kisses island gets featured so extensively in many travellers’ must-visit bucket lists.

Touted as the honeymooner’s haven, Santorini has also been ranked fourth on the Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Awards as one of the most iconic islands in the world.

All roads lead back to the same

Being a small island with the roads designed in an elongated circle affords one with the unique experience of being able to rent a car and drive around the island with only a simple map in hand.

Having experienced the island first hand, Chong recommends combining the visit to Imerovigli and Oia for the perfect stay on Santorini.

“It is recommended to stay on the caldera peaks which showcase breathtaking panoramic views,” suggests Chong.

The caldera meanwhile stretches for 12 kilometers from Fira to Oia. Oia is the best-known village on the island but is also the most crowded area. Ideally, it situated at the top of an impressive rock, which offers a scenic view of the Palia and New Kameni volcanos.

This Greek Island wins hands down having some of the most incredible sunsets in the world with Oia being the most popular place for photography taking come sunset.

Many tourists venture to this part of the island, and pile up on the tops of houses and around the ancient fortifications, waiting for the perfect photograph opportunity.

Wandering in the narrow alleys and footpaths while glimpsing traditional architecture, tourists will discover countless art galleries and taverns.

Oia also showcases the most stunning sunsets so spending an evening at a restaurant overseeing the sunset view is one of the best breathtaking moment in this beautiful island.

Santorini is always worth a visit. Regardless of whether you have already visited the island or you are planning to visit for the first time – this is one of the must-visit destinations of a lifetime.

The magic doesn’t stop just at Santorini though. Should time permit it, tourists can also hop on over to Paros, Ios or even Mykonos in a jiffy as the Cycladic Islands are easily accessible so island-hopping is also highly recommended.

“Though we only spent three nights in the island – it was one of the best and most unforgettable vacations we have had so far. We would definitely love to visit again in the future. Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon, so that borders are open for us to travel again,” she sums up in reflection wishing for a glimpse of “The Old Normal” again.

It’s beautiful. I loved the clear skies. I loved the unique white and blue buildings. I particularly loved the sunset view, the scenery and clear blue water, the air was fresh in most parts and the food was quite tasty. I fell madly in love with this island.


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