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Melaka’s latest LiùMén Hotel which translated, means ‘Six doors’ by virtue of six shoplots being converted into a charming boutique luxury hotel has been launched.

By Yvonne Yoong

Time and chance happens to all of us. However, for Jason Pang Hee Li, Co-owner of the amazingly aesthetic Liu Men Hotel in Melaka, the chanced opportunity which presented itself in the form of him coming across the current property purely by coincidence proved to be the starting point for the initiation of this boutique hotel.

The timing itself too was purely strategic as Melaka now finds itself in the limelight, solidifying its position as a tourism destination of late.

“We initially had no plans to establish a hotel but as time went by and Melaka started experiencing a revival of sorts as a tourism destination, we decided to embark on this boutique hotel project in 2016. Taking an overall over one years of planning for this boutique hotel plus construction amounting to approximately three years, what was once a dream started to take shape till the doors of the hotel finally opened, to rave reviews.

Stepping into the exquisitely designed LiùMén Hotel, was akin to entering an era combining modern day aesthetics with the nostalgia of the past. Entering via the open air car park, we made our way via the corridor of the boutique hotel to be greeted by a spectacular
entrance bathed in sunlight, by virtue of the skyroof.

Settling for a mid-day afternoon tea time treat with the most equisite blend of great coffee, good company and aesthetic ambience, we were also given a comprehensive tour of the various rooms. In all, there are five types of rooms named after heros from the pages of history books the likes of Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah, Kapitan, Cheng Ho Suites as well as Parameswara which comprise Suites.

“All our rooms are uniquely shaped and sized, as built within an 80-year old building.” shares Pang.

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